Autobiography of a frog

My name is Verdi. I haven't had that name for a very long time since I came into existence but its the name that I will probably have for a very long time. My skin is dark green and I have a very red mouth which I always keep open in perpetual wonder. I am amazed at the world out there. I really don't remember where I was born or where I come from, but living with all these people have made me realise that I should have had something called a mom and a dad, at least thats what my general perception of coming into being tells me, but I don't know where they are. And I think I am from a place called China because I have this marking on my belly that says 'Made in China'. Kind of an unemotional phrase I might say talking about me being born as something being made. Or is it that I am a made frog? Maybe I have short term memory losses and I am really a respected member of one of the Chinese Triads. Well anyway my life truly began one day when I caught the eye of this young man who was accompanying a lady friend of his in shopping at the Birla temple in Hyderabad. What was I doing at a temple in Hyderabad, me a frog of Chinese origin? Who knows. As long as I can remember I have been staring out of the glass pane surrounded by a wide variety of trinkets that always get bought by girls like the one accompanying this young man. The man was a little bored and was just giving the woman company as was evident from his aimless loitering. So I opened my red mouth as wide as I could and gave him the best beseeching look I could muster. And he was interested. He seems to be pondering whether he should have me or not. He asked the guy who I vaguely remember as putting me in there to take me out so he could have a look at me. I liked his hands and the way they held me and he lifted me up and looked me in the eye and then smiled. And then I was free! I traveled with him a lot, and he poked me often and made me laugh very hard. All his friends found my laughter amusing too and I was quite happy with them. Then we traveled a long distance to a far away land, which I came to know was called Bangalore. It was not much different this new land but was cooler and I did like that. The man then took me to his work place, and I became a celebrity! Every once in a while a friend of his would come and poke me and make me laugh. He used to make me laugh when the place had quietened down in the afternoon when everybody was a little sleepy after lunch. He used to get pleasure in making me laugh out loud and then look around to see which of the other people were amused. I felt my laughter was kind of out of place but he didn't seem to care and he was satisfied with the few people who found it amusing. He shared me with friends, throwing me about sometimes, and I used to like it, giving out a chuckle when I landed on someone who, after getting over their initial scare, poked me and laughed with me. I became quite popular. It was sometime then that I got named. He hadn't really thought about a name but his friend said I have to have a name. So he named me Verdi, because I was so green. I loved him and his friend calling me that. I used to spend time with his friend too and he was a great guy. They were close friends the both of them and they loved me! I used to go with them to the canteen sometimes riding on his shoulder (and sometimes getting stuffed into his pocket when someone who didn't approve of me walked by). People would stare and he would sometimes look at them and then at me and then do a double take. He used to sometimes make me pray with my front legs clasped together or sometimes make me clap which I was always eager to do. But like they said, all good things come to an end and one day he left me. I am with his close friend though who takes good care of me but I miss him. Soooo much. Sniff.


Mamtha said…
Funny stuff! God, the things you think of! Was great read in the beginning, but then stretched a bit towards the end..In other impressions, sensed a latent gayness pushing through sometimes..hehe!