My first blog

So it begins. I am blogging. Well I have done this before but no, not like this. I had just sent out a mail to my college mailing group a few days before a university exam. It was not a blog actually, more like what I did for a few days when I was home alone. People liked it but it was more like only to people I know whereas here, it could be read by anyone. So what do people put into these things? About how the day went? How one is feeling? My sister doesn't like it getting that personal. I don't really care.

I work like thousands more like me do in a software company in Bangalore. What do I do? Well heres what I do. People all around the world use a computer that the client of my company makes. These computers use software and like any software they have bugs. So when some guy in a distant part of the globe finds a problem with the software, he lets my company's client know that there is a problem and he wants it fixed. The client looks at the problem and then classifies it and sends it to one of its offshore service companies, which could be my company. If the problem present in the software that I am responsible for, my work starts. So in brief, I fix bugs for a living. Is it satisfying? Hmm, it pays okay and yes sometimes its interesting. But can I see myself doing this for the rest of my life? Not exactly. You do learn a lot of stuff and especially in a company like mine, you are made to take certifications, explore your own area of interest and generally enhance your knowledge which I do like a lot. I mean on your own, you probably end up learning nothing but when each of those knowledge enhancing work is monitored and valued and judged as a criteria for your growth, you do end up learning stuff. And it could be in an area you love. So yeah, its good but getting routine. Maybe do an MS mostly just for the experience of going abroad and studying in a foreign university. I love travelling and staying in alien places. Thinking about where I am and how far it is from home. And what I am doing, making a life for myself. That period in life where everything is an opportunity that you can grab because you are starting right from the bottom and building. If I were given a choice to stop the aging process, it would be now. Near the peak of my life.


Pratibha said…
Great stuff man! Keep blogging, looking forward for more posts. :)