College Days - 1 Love kill

18 Dec 2002

Its the middle of the night. He can't sleep. He tosses and turns in his bed, thinking about her. Fnally he can't bear it anymore. He has to see her. So he gets up, quietly sneaks out of the building and pushes his scooter out, starts it and leaves. The skies are clear and the moonlight breathtaking. He hasn't been out in the middle of the night in a long time. He hears distant thunder. It is a long way and its cold, but it doesn't bother him. The street lights are bright and the midnight trucks keep him company. He sees a police jeep. The policeman behind the wheel looks at him suspiciously but he's too lazy. Finally he takes the side road that leads to her. It is dark with intermittent stretches of the road lit by dim lamps. But the moonlight guides him. Nothing stirs and the noise of his scooter is loud. Then he sees it. The church. He stops 50 meters away and kills the engine and starts walking. The gate is locked. He looks around and jumps over the wall into the compound. He walks around as if in a daze. Looking through each
window he sees. The moon is still bright but the rumble of thunder is close. And the skies are darkening quick. Then he sees her. She is asleep. He stares at her. She is lying on her side with an arm under her head and her hair loose with a few strands over her face. He is entranced. She is wearing pajamas which makes her look very vulnerable. In his dream she opens her eyes and sees him. Her eyes widen in surprise and then anxiousness. She gets up and moves to the window. He is frozen. She clasps the bars of the window and they stare at each other. Then he moves toward her close to the window. He looks at her hand and places his over it. Then he moves his hand between the bars and touches her face. They look at each other for a long time. Then she takes both his hands in her and puts it around her and they hug each other with the bars between them. Then suddenly his dream ends. Its raining. And he is soaked. She is
sleeping peacefully. He looks at her for a long time. He walks away. He runs. He wants to get away, as far away as possible. He jumps on to his scooter and drives away fast. He is in anguish cursing himself for coming and drives faster. Tears spring to his eyes and mix with the rain. And feeling anger towards himself, he drives faster. The road is slick with the rain and the moon is buried in the black clouds. He doesn't see the pothole, loses control, gets thrown of the scooter into the mud and the silly fool dies.