College Days - 3 Make love!

12 Feb 2004

Valentines Day – the day Saint Valentine goes around f***ing all the girls he can find. Or so said a crazy friend of mine. Another said it is the day when St. Valentine went about blessing couples who had great sex after. Now that is better :). No, we guys shouldn’t dress up like saints and try to have sex with all the girls we can find or tell a girl that we are blessed and so should have sex. But yes the day is definitely connected with sex. Because without sex, without the physical act of love, there is no true love. You can’t love each other truly without making love, without bonding physically and without shedding all the inhibitions you have. Do all of you in love deny that that’s not what you want? Dig deep. Oh so you are in love. Okay so what’s next if we follow society rules? Marriage. Why do we get married? To have sex! To make babies. To have a family. Take the concept of marriage away. Take away family, society, its codes, its rules. Take away the taboo on sex. Then we will all be like animals. Hey there’s an attractive girl. She finds me attractive too. Then you go hand in hand, find the nearest place that affords privacy and make love. Because that was what we used to do a long time ago. That is the basic law of nature – to reproduce, to survive. Even if thousands of years have passed, its still what we feel deep down inside. So when you fall in love with someone, its just that basic instinct coming to fore. All civilisation has changed is the delay there is in actually having sex. Now before all of you think I am a sex maniac and have fantasies about having sex with the girl I love, its not like that. All of you in love probably wouldn’t have felt the urge to have sex with the one you love, at least you wouldn't think so. But its there. You might have felt it like the need to be close to each other, to hold hands, to be together, to hug each other. I remember telling a friend that I just felt like hugging and that I didn’t feel like having sex. He said, That’s what you think. It will happen. Because its supposed to happen.

ps - For those of you in love who found this a revelation, this does not mean you can have sex on valentines day.


Arun Pillai said…
i never knew this man.. anyways good to see u active in blogs
Vineesh said…
Hey man, I am amazed at the way you have wriiten your blogs. But I just wanna share my thought too.. Love exists without sex too. You might want to argue against.. but the main intention of this post is to tell you, your blogs are excellent.
random_rambler said…
lol i agree i agree :)