The sunshine stays. I don't know for how long, but I am enjoying it while it lasts. Taking out the bike whenever I can. Route laid out by my ex-roomie. I follow the procedure - choke, pull in clutch, hit the button, give it a few revs to squirt the gas in and she catches on well most of the time. A thing I learnt is the bigger the engine, the more it doesn't like breaking from routine. With the 500CC Interceptor, I could get away with choke, startup and cut choke after a few seconds. But the 750GS is more demanding - you do have to let her idle for a minute or she chokes and dies on you.

So on to West Mall, left on to Agronomy road, right onto North West Marine drive and then all the way to the beaches and the trees. Park in the first parking lot and walk to the beach. My roomie tells me when the tide is high and its the start or end of season (Summer), there aren't many people and you can just be, which I crave once in a while. There are a few stragglers. The sun does draw people to the beach. The fitness freaks, the dog walkers, the beauty lovers. All of them stick mostly to the trail and I go down close to the water, partly hidden by the trees and with logs that you can perch on. The view is breathtaking. Even if you see it a hundred times, you can still just be there and be full of life just looking out. A cigarette and the lapping, lapping waves. So much peace and beauty.

I miss my roomie - maybe its the nicotine and the cold - but yeah he was good company - the strong silent type - a guy you don't need to converse with to enjoy the company of.

Sometimes the beauty is too much for me alone. I need companionship - the affectionate, physical kind.


Mamatha said…

p.s. Is your roomie reading this? Man oh man! Or is that man on man?
Blue Max said…
guess am qualified to say.. 'been there.. done that' :|. Thanks for making me senti you (&(@%*&*%!#!%&^@. Pretty J too .. I miss my vanc :'(

I clarify on behalf of the author that the last para is on a differnt note and bears no relevance to earlier ramblings.
geronimo said…
Thanks for the clarification. I had doubts about how that would be read myself. :-D