Fatherhood II

I just sold my old motherboard and processor. I had posted it on Craigslist and I get this call around 10PM. He says he is calling from Coquitlam and that he might take an hour to get to UBC but he has to do it tonight. I tell him I can wait and give him directions.

He calls around 11:15PM and I can see him in a white station wagon. I get down from my apartment to wave him in and I see a kid sitting right next to him in the passenger seat. I take him up to my place and on the way I ask him if its for his son. He says yes and that its the kid's 16th birthday. He had bought a graphics card for his son but the card unfortunately was a PCI-E card rather than an AGP card. His son's system had a motherboard that had an AGP slot and so he couldn't plug in his brand new 7600GT into his motherboard.

I give him the motherboard and all the stuff that came with it. Wondering if he knows how to put it together, I ask him whether his son's motherboard has a SATA or IDE cable and surprisingly he knows. I didn't know why it surprised me but maybe it was the rough looking station wagon or his appearance in general. He seemed an outdoorsy, non-geeky guy who would not know the difference between SATA and IDE. I mean SATA is relatively new. I ask him what he does and he tells me he is a bus driver. So I tell him he is pretty knowledgeable about computer hardware and he says he has 4 kids from 7 to 17 and they have 4 computers among them and that if whenever one of them failed, he called in a technician, it would have been expensive.

And the guy pays me and leaves. At the door I tell him that I have the same graphics card he bought for his son and it would work fine for most games. He says the kid was pretty disappointed when he found that the new card wouldn't work. So he drives late night, probably after his shift, from Coquitlam to UBC.

Some people spoil their kids :-)