Technical fixes

I got two things fixed the last week, all through the power of the awesome Internet.

Wireless router fix

For those people who own a D-Link DIR615 wireless router that once in a while doesn't allow you to connect to it anymore unless you reboot it, download the new firmware from:

I had the problem for a long time and the last firmware upgrade didn't fix it, but this one did. No more lying in bed or sitting on the potty frustrated that you don't have the Internet until you reboot the damn router.

Xbox 360 Controller for PC wireless receiver fix

I had bought a controller more than a year ago and though the controller is fine, the wireless receiver that gets plugged into the PC conked out after around 4 months. And you can't get it on its own anywhere else. So I bought another controller with receiver and then the receiver again conks out 3 months later (the warranty is for 3 months by the way). When the first one failed, I had googled and found an article that asked me to short two contacts on the wireless receiver's chip. The short being for a fuse that occasionally ridiculously blows when you are unplugging the receiver from a USB port. I did open it up then and as suggested tried holding a screw driver against the contacts to see if the light on the thing turns on, but that didn't happen. But this time, I persisted. I took it to work, used a soldering iron on it and it worked! For both the bloody receivers! The fix is described here:
And it even has a video on how to go about it.

Like I said, the Internet is awesome!