Dressing provocatively


The article talks about a cop who said that a sexual assault victim was partly to blame because of what she was wearing. Lots of people took offense and are protesting with the "SlutWalk".

I remember having a discussion about this with my sister, and she chastising me for having the same opinion as the cop's. I didn't give it much thought then, mostly because her conviction in it was so intense that I just took her word for it. So when I read this article, I was like, "Damn cop!", hope my sister doesn't run into you!

But then I gave it more thought. The cop might be right. Some men aren't men, they are bulls. Horny, mindless bulls. And to them a scantily clad woman is a thing painted in red. So even if I like my pretty red shirt because it makes me feel alive, confident and also catches the eye of that girl I like, it is not really safe for me to wear it because the streets I have to walk on are full of horny bulls. The cop is right in that sense. But the problem is if everybody thinks so, nobody will ever be able to wear a red shirt without having to train to be bull fighters. So when the cop said you shouldn't wear red, he was taking focus off the problem, which is that bulls need to be taken off the street. Agreed, bulls are beasts and they can't be trained easily to not charge on seeing red. But right now we seem to be trying to train them by poking them with a needle each time they charge. Instead, we should maybe cut one of their balls off each time they charge. That should teach them self control. I am talking about men here, not poor angry bulls.

I still have an urge to say that maybe we should try wearing pink instead of red, but no, again, that is not a real solution. What shade of pink? How much pinkness can you get away with before a bull charges? Hell, what if the bull charges on seeing white or say yellow? You can't really know. Provocativeness is subjective.


canadiandesi said…
This would explain your pink shirt last week... :P
EchoTheOread said…
Loved the I nowhere stand you've taken.. That's exactly the way things are, I guess.. Everyone's right and everyone's wrong.. :-)